Updated waiting room at Mulberry Integrative Medicine

If you haven’t been by our office lately, you may be in for quite the shock when you see all the new changes and things happening around Mulberry Integrative Medicine.

On top of a newly designed waiting room, which features super comfy couches, reorganized shelves with improved signage, and our weekly brewed tea blends for you to taste, we’ve also added some new, great services based off the feedback you have provided!

Mulberry Integrative Medicine massage chairs

One such newly added service is our massage chairs and massage chair packages! Whether you are coming in for acupuncture or just looking to relax, our new state-of-the-art massage chairs can work out aches and pains and leave you feeling refreshed.

You may already know we have a Certified Herbalist and Registered Aromatherapist in house, but did you know we also offer an apothecary of Eastern and Western herbs and aromatic medicines?

We’re also excited to announce that Dr. Cheshire will begin to offer cosmetic acupuncture starting in December! This procedure can help with everything from anti-aging to relief from eczema. Be sure to ask about it next time you’re in.

Have you checked out any of our new services or products yet? What are you most excited about? What additional services would you love to see?

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